Robert Sapolsky’s Lecture

Robert Sapolsky’s Lecture

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During Robert Sapolsky’s Lecture, I was very intrigued on how he was able to keep his students engaged while lecturing. Which may not seem important to some people but, to me means so much. I often find myself getting zoned out during lectures if the teacher doesn’t stay engaged with their students. Therefore, I was able to stay alert and pay attention during the entire lecture.

Sapolsky also was able to provide his students with lots of knowledgeable information and examples. He seems like a very smart man who is very passionate about what he does. This also contributes a big factor to keeping the students engaged. Theoretically, if Sapolsky wasn’t engaging or passionate about his work I think his students would not obtained as much information as they would of liked. I personally thought the example that was given with the number sequences of the subways was really cleaver, I wasn’t even thinking of the subways that way nor would I probably thought about at all.

Another thing that was interesting that I learned was how he mentioned that women’s periods can sync up to one another. This can occur when living with other girls or being in a close friendship. Sapolsky stated that usually the woman’s who tends to be more outgoing or social, she will keep the same menstrual cycle while the other(s) will sync to her schedule. Sapolsky even mentions that this can occur in animals as well. Some of my friends seemed know this fact already but, I was blown away at that, I had no idea.

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